Big Bang Theory Just Won Our Hearts Over Again With An Explosive New Combo Menu

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, a nondescript location exploded into mainstream. The place was Kodambakkam and the reason for it – the Big Bang Theory Bar & Kitchen. Located smack on the main road, on the lobby level of the hotel, the place is hard to miss with its distinct, bold yellow colour theme and a bunch of of valet drivers and ushers hustling about. The interiors of the bar is well done with quirky wall art – doodles, posters, retro album covers and an actual book shelf with an eclectic collection ranging from travelogues to graphic novels. The seating is classy and plush with a generous supply of cushions – apt for your posse to hang on a weeknight.


We walked in to meet the cheerful staff once again, and this time to explore their fascinating lunch menu. Big Bang Theory had a tempting offer on the lunch combo and we had to try it out. This ‘deal meal’ comes with a choice of a fancy starter, a delectable main course, a perfectly done cocktail and a portion of feel-good dessert, dished out between 12pm to 3pm every day (yes, we’re thrilled too!). We went a little red and a little green with their aptly titled Red Combos (non-vegetarian) and Green Combos (vegetarian), and we have to say, this is one of the best lunchtime deals in the city!


What we had:

Blue Ananas


This green drink teases your sweet tooth tempered with the smooth after taste of vodka, pineapple, and curaçao flavors. A perfect cooler on a hot Saturday afternoon.


Basil Granatum


The Basil Granatum is a treasure! Bacardi with pomegranate, basil leaves, cranberry juice and a secrdet indregient – ‘sweet mix’ will leave you begging for more.


Tommy Yummy


This crispy fried chicken tossed in Tom Yum sauce is the rich cousin of the iconic ‘chilli chicken’. The meat was crisp on the outside but juicy and succulent on the inside. We literally wiped the garnish off the plate on this one.




This coin shaped dish is filled with minced paneer and spices, served with mint chutney, onions and lime. The paneer was finely ground and really tasty, we give this dish a thumbs up for great comfort food!


Italian Job


A hearty bowl of pasta drenched in the creamiest chicken sauce! Aren’t we grateful to the Italians for this one!




We’re the biggest fans of this aubergine parmigiana, and we’re not kidding. Who knew those pretty layers of aubergine and cheese could taste so good? If you need more convincing to love this dish, guess what, it’s baked in a brilliant tomato sauce. Yay!


A List


The Big Bang Theory Sundae is the best thing to have for dessert after a brilliant meal. This one’s all about the gooey brownie bits, sugary jello bits, and a nice scoop of chocolate ice cream! Of course, if chocolate is not your thing (what, no way!), you can choose from a list of ice cream flavours available.