Biergarten Is Turning 1 And They’re Celebrating In The Best Way!

So Biergarten turned 1 yesterday! In case you missed it you can catch up on all the live action on our Facebook page for a little taste of what you can expect! If you live in Whitefield or close enough, you definitely have to make the trip in the next couple of days – I’m telling you, it’s worth it!

For the next couple of days from the 8th to the 13th of July, you can get your drink on at half the price! That’s right! From 12 pm to 7 pm you can sip on awesome craft beer, cocktails and hard liquor at 50 percent off! Honestly, with the number of microbreweries around in the city it’s pretty hard to stand out, but stand out they have!

The lager, dark lager and wheat beer is absolutely brilliant (IPA is a little bitter for my taste, but to each, their own) and their cocktails are seriously out of this world. The bartender is an absolute magician! If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you absolutely have to try out the Biergarten Bounty – it tastes even better than it looks!

You know what to do! Grab a group of friends (or just fly solo, who cares, it’s worth it) and head over to Whitefield for the best Biergarten experience in Bangalore!


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