Bhopal Airport Soon To Get MNC Restaurant For ‘Quality Food’

Travelling to Bhopal but wary of the choice of food you’ll get at the airport? Fret not, because the delights of international cuisine will soon be available as a part of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) scheme of master concessionaire.

At present, the airport has only a small food outlet comprising 28 square meters. After a team of architect and the Kanpur-based food company officials visited the airport recently to check what kind of outlets could be set up at the airport the space will be expanded to 149 square meters.

Master Concessionaire Scheme

The director of Bhopal airport Flt Lft Akashdeep Mathur said the airport currently has a handful of vendors which bid separately to set up food stalls and retail outlets. “Now, there will be a single company under the master concessionaire which has won the bid. Under the agreement, it was clearly mentioned that there must be an international and a national brand associated with the bidder,” said Mathur, adding, “The concessionaire will bear all capital expenditure regarding development, set-up, operation, maintenance and management of the F&B outlets.”

Currently, 8 companies have bid with Sunil Bansod saying that the winning company will send the proposal in the next couple of days.