We bet you’ll be Hungry Forever in 60 seconds.

Food Porn at its best.

If you’re not reaching for food within the first three seconds (or sooner) of this video, take our money. Heck, take our Food. 

This is what feeling food-gasmic is all about. If the suspense is ‘eating’ you up, scroll down and hit play on the video of a lifetime. 

Marks and Spencers’ have outdone themselves. This “Food Porn at its Best’ ad will have your mouth watering. Your neighbour at work will appear to have a steak for a head, the mouse might look like a Scotch Egg and the keys on your keyboard might look like cream-chocolate balls. Yes, it could happen. 

“Over the last decade, consumers’ culinary tastes have become more adventurous and Britain’s love affair with food has really ignited. Our new campaign reflects this shift and uses a different language to the price focussed supermarkets. It brings to life the hundreds of new ideas we have in our food halls every month by showcasing the sensual and surprising aspects of food – like its textures and movement – in a modern, stylish and precision format,” says M&S marketing boss, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne. 




“Clean Bandit’s Rather Be” is the track playing in the background for those of you who can hear music that’s not coming from your tummy. Let the video take control. Literally. And yes, you may play it as many times as you want.

For those of you who’re a little lost as to why M and S has a food ad- clothing, home products and luxury food products are sold by M and S, and hence the food porn.