10 Best White Wine In India

1.Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco


FRATELLI SANGIOVESE ‘SINGLE VINEYARD’ is another first in India by Fratelli. Created by using grapes from 1 single vineyard, Plot C in Garwar and by selecting patches within the same plot, pruning these plants to reduce yield per acre so that aromas and taste is more complex and elegant. Plot C has been selected for its soil composition, mixed with rock and sand, a perfect composition to let plants absorb mineral components and remain fresh due to high drainage of sandy soils making our Sangiovese grapes perfect to make a Burgundy style Sangiovese. Keeping in mind Finesse, Elegance and Complexity, which define FRATELLI SANGIOVESE, our vinification technique is made with low extraction in order to obtain more refined and elegant aromas and flavors. After alcoholic fermentation is over, the wine is then transferred in new French oak barrels to make the tannins ’rounded’, ‘elegant’ and ‘fine’.

2.Fratelli Vitae Chardonnay


Gently oaked and a nice medium-bodied wine, it shows some soft toasty notes and a fairly intense palate. Great with snacks and light preparations.

3.Reveilo Chardonnay Reserve


India’s first Chardonnay and still the only one that’s properly oak-aged. Few whites are made at this level of finesse, and this wine can marry with the most flavourful of foods, meaty or vegan.

4.Sula Riesling


A curious wine, which manages to show good typicity and acidity in spite of the warm Nashik climes where it is made. Very affable and enjoyable, this is off-dry in style and, with some soda, can make for a great spritzer.

5.Vijay Amritraj Viognier


Viognier is a white wine grape variety. It is the only permitted grape for the French wine Condrieu in the Rhone Valley.An aromatic white wine with a lovely creamy palate. Almost greasy on the mid palate.This wine is a great example of what a good Viognier. Gently toasty too, it is good as a starter but also fantastic in a pairing, especially with Indian cuisine.

6.Charosa Viognier Reserve


Yet another extremely aromatic expression of the Rhone white grape – soft and balanced.

7.York Chenin Blanc


The York Chenin Blan has a built up capacity of almost 1 million litres with separate tank halls for red wine and white wine. Separate tank halls at different levels help maintain a gravity flow and eliminate the use of pumps. The winery has a barrel storage area of almost 6000 sq.ft., which is a first of its kind in India.

8.KRSMA Sauvignon Blanc


An exceptional wine from a niche winery from Hampi in Karnataka. Krsma Estates are one of the few wineries who use Sangiovese along with Fratelli and Reveilo. It is a fruit forward elegant and mellow wine with with lots of cherries and clove notes.

Most brands do a decent Sauvignon Blanc, but this is the only one which almost seems to have the richness of a Sauvignon Gris incorporated into it as well. It’s a lovely, crisp wine with intensity and body. It is also up for cellaring for a year or two, which imparts richness to it, making it ideal with curries and similar dishes.

9.Vallonne Vin de Passerillage


A thick, honeyed and luscious sweet white wine with a refreshing finish, this is among the best sweet wines to be found in India.

10.Reveilo Late Harvest Chenin Blanc


The first Indian sweet wine in the market was  Late Harvest Chenin Blanc in 2004. Ten vintages later, winemaker Ajoy Shaw says that little has changed in the winemaking process but experiments have continued throughout. Whether it was trials with Sauvignon Blanc grapes or drying ripe berries on straw mats, Shaw says the winery is constantly improving on itself. The sweet wine is made of Chenin Blanc grapes, a fraction of which are fermented in second fill American oak barrels and blended with other tank fermented wine. The aromas from the overripe grapes are purely of raisin grapes, dry figs, honey and dry fruits like almonds and nuts. On the palate, the sweetness is perfectly balanced with acidity, resulting in a very pleasant velvety taste.