Here Are The Best Themed Restaurants In Mumbai

Today, themed restaurants are all the rage. While impeccable service and delicious food are still considered necessary factors for a perfect dining experience, today patrons demand something more in terms of ambience as well. These themed restaurants combine great service and fare with an immersive, exciting ambience to make for an unparalleled dining experience; the perfect escape from the daily grind.

Rainforest Resto Bar


With tree trunk style pillars, faux foliage wall hangings and rustic wooden furniture, Rainforest Resto Bar will make you feel like you’re in the midst of the Amazon. Enjoy some of their Signature Rainforest Concoctions like the Coco Loca or the Cloud burst for a wild experience.


Raasta opened its doors in Mumbai just a few months ago and boasts several levels each of which is decorated in a unique fashion. The whole bar, however, is a tribute to Rastafarians and therefore has illustrations of dreadlocked , Bob-Markey reminiscent musicians on its walls, signs of peace, a red, gold and green color theme and cocktails served in bongs. To make the experience even more authentic, the bar hosts live preformances.

The Bar Stock Exchange


Ever wanted to feel like a stock broker? Head to The Bar Stock Exchange, a unique chain of bars across the city which prices its drinks based on the stock concept; the more in demand a certain drink, the higher is priced. Have fun working out what you’ll get for cheap while feeling like a true blue stock broker.



Salman Khan fans sit up! A few years ago, a couple of Salman Khan fans opened ‘Bhaijaanz’ a Salman Khan themed restaurant. While the walls are filled with some of his most famous movie sayings and posters of films he’s acted in, the menu also features references to his films – there’s a section called ‘Do You Wanna Partner’ and ‘Ustaadon Ke Sigdi Se’.

UFO Revolving Restaurant


UFO is Mumbai’s only revolving restaurant and has neon interiors and a spaceship like roof to get you in the UFO vibe. Try the Lava Chicken, Beer Battered Crispy Prawns and Veg Eclairs.

Village – The Soul Of India


VILLAGE has outlets across Mumbai and takes a great effort to bring the ‘Soul of India’ into its interiors. So, patrons are seated upon quaint chairs and can observe scenes from an everyday village around them.