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8 Best Places For Tasting Authentic Sushi In Delhi


Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan, and one of the most popular dishes among the Japanese themselves. In India, Japanese cuisine is proving to be a hit among foodies, especially the young and the health conscious. Initially it was limited to only 5-star hotels but now it is accessible by many mainstream Japanese restaurants, which in the truest of senses are value for money. In a typical Japanese meal, all the dishes are served together in a single course.

A meal is usually rice, soup, gyoza (dumplings), and at least two dishes which could be fish or any other meat and a vegetable or a bean dish. They mainly use chopsticks to eat. Japanese food doesn’t end with Sushi and Ramen. The most common Japanese dish known to the world is Sushi. It is essentially vinegar-flavoured rice rolled with cooked seafood, vegetables and egg in the centre. It is served with pickled ginger, Wasabi, and soy sauce. Want to know where to get authentic tasting Sushi in Delhi? We list a few restaurants in Delhi that have taken the art of sushi to a new level.