10 Best and Authentic South Indian Meals In Chennai

“Saapadu Ready” is one of the most common signboards in Chennai. No day is complete for a true Chennaite without relishing a good sumptuous meals served on a banana leaf. A classic meal includes a healthy portion of white rice, served with authentic Sambar, Rasam, a variety of Koyambu, Poriyal, Pachadior Raita, a sweet, pickles, ice cream and the all-time favourite apalam. In some restaurants, a variety rice like lemon rice, tamarind rice, etc. is also included in the meals. For the best pocket friendly meals, Chennai hosts many local Mess and KayendhiBhavans in each area. Be it a limited or an unlimited meals, Chennai food scene is incomplete without the satisfied burp caused by the mid-day meals. Here our list of 10 places for the best South Indian meals in Chennai!