Best Places To Visit For Food While Traveling To New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is unlikely pricey in terms of living and eating, especially when you are traveling using a group transportation service from NYC. Likewise, one can also find a variety of cheap options around this beautiful city, when visiting this place with a bunch of people, the range of a regular lunch should be less than $10 and dinner up to $12.

If you are looking for some affordable place to eat and try the food around the areas of New Jersey, keep on reading!

  • Freddy, Camden

Even though it is a small place, one can enjoy its buffet. One can eat their hearts out of a pernil or even roasted pork sandwich for just $5 and when you add a dollar, one gets the Cubano (a kind of toasted bread, with juicy ham and pork).

  • MiGente, Newark

This is the place one should usually start their journey with, they serve roast pork, steak with peppers and onions, grilled chicken that is marinated with garlic and onion- all these for less than $6. Since it is a small space, one has to stand in hours during peak hours.

  • Oaxaqueno, New Brunswick

They serve one of the best, authentic Mexican food at an affordable rate. One can gorge on some huevos, tacos, burritos, seafood, and types of dishes that you won’t be able to find in other Mexican places. Served with shakes, it is best to pair them with your main order. The most recommended shake is Vampiros, made with oranges, beets, and carrots.

  • American Melts, Kenilworth

It is a small place that offers customized (build-your-own) grilled cheese sandwiches using 5-different types of bread, 10 kinds of cheese, 15 kinds of toppings and 10 dressings options. You can make your own or order from the 10 types of pre-chosen sandwiches from the menu- all under $8.

  • All Rouche, Paterson

It is a Mediterranean style restaurant that serves one of the best and affordable sandwiches. One can get a falafel sandwich under $5, chicken kabob at $5 and the popular shish kabob sandwich at the same time.

  • Kawa Thai & sushi, Millville

It serves one of the most inexpensive Thai food and sushi, they are known for their mango infused chicken, perfectly balanced with meat and veggies. Their lunch packages usually start from $6.99 with soup and salads. One can also order beef Panang (a type of red Thai curry, which is sweet and salty with a nutty flavor).

  • Baguette Delite, Edison

It is a place that serves the best Vietnamese cuisine at a cheaper price and is popularly known as BanhMi (it is a loaded sandwich). One can try their sandwiches for less than $5 along with pho, lemongrass vermicelli, and other famous Vietnamese dishes.

  • Crockett’s Fish Fry, Montclair

Crockett’s fish fry is a popular place for fried food lovers and serves one of the best foods around. The most famous and preferred dish is the fish catfish sandwich, costing under $8.

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