Here Are The Best Places To Score Cheap Beer in Mumbai

No matter the problem, we’re firm believers that beer is always the answer. After a long hard day of work (or a lazy relaxing Sunday at home), we find the perfect way to end the day is by curling our hands around a chilled pitcher of beer. If that sounds like your idea of a food time as well, here’s where you can score some cheap beer in Mumbai.

Sunlight, Marine Lines


While it’s not got the best ambience (although it does have a jukebox), Sunlight is great for cheap booze. We also love their popcorn and namkeen.

Gokul, Colaba


Gokul is one of Mumbai’s most famous dive bars; located just opposite Bademiya it hosts corporates, students and tourists alike. It’s not renowned for its ambience, but rather for its cheap beer, liqueur and rolls which are from Gokul Bites next door.

Yacht Club, Bandra


Don’t get fooled by the name; Yacht Club doesn’t offer you anything fancy in terms of ambience or service. What it does offer, however, is some great cheap food and – of course – cheap beer.

Alps Restaurants and Beer Bar, Colaba


Alps offers you much more in terms of ambience; it has a laid back, old school vibe and serves cheap port wine and pitchers of beer.

Cafe Mondegar, Colaba


Also in Colaba is the iconic Cafe Mondegar which is famous for the caricatures by late artist Mario Miranda covering its walls. It also has a jukebox, does great breakfast and serves pitcher after pitcher of cheap beer.

Cafe New York, Chowpatty


Cafe New York is an open air beer bar near Chowpatty beach which has a jukebox, a couple of televisions and cheap beer, making it the perfect place for sports fans.

PJ’s, Bandra


PJ’s is one of the few gymkhanas in Mumbai which allows non-members in, provided you’re dressed decently. Entry fees vary from Rs.50 – Rs.100, but once you’re in, you can enjoy gymkhana prices for food and drinks.