Best Places In Delhi Serving An Indulgent Navratri Thali


Navratri celebrations have already begun and during these nine nights people generally observe a fast and eat limited food. The foods that you can eat during the fast can often get monotonous and boring that is why we have curated the perfect list of restaurants that are serving Navratri special food in Delhi!

  1. Sanadige

    Their special Navratri Thali where you can gives you a full 3 course meal with welcome drinks just at Rs. 999.

  2. Verandah

    Their special Navratri menu features Sabudana bhel, Shakarkandi chaat, sabudana akora, Arbi ke kofte and a lot more.

  3. Gastronomica

    Their special menu includes Sago and Quinoa Bhelpuri, Arbi and Anardana Galawat served with Varqi and Kuttu Parantha for just Rs. 249.

  4. Papaji & Sons

    Their special thali features favourites like Paneer Makhani, Aloo Sabzi, Swank Ka Papad, salad, curd and Sabudana Kheer. Satisfy your taste buds with their complete meal for just Rs 199.
    Papaji & Sons

  5. SWAD

    They are offering special dishes such as Kache Kele, Cottage Cheese Kebab, Sabudana Tikka Chaat, Kuttu Papdi Chaat with Banana Chips, Shakarkandi Ki Chaat, Kuttu Aur Aloo Ke Pakore, Aloo ki Chaat, Arbi Ki Shammi, Sabudana Ke Vade, Pethe Ke Sabji and lots more.
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