The Best Pickle Recipes To Spice Up Your Meals

Pickles are the culinary worlds way of saying, “add some spice to that plate”! And rightly so! What’s a meal without some tangy, zest, and absolutely drool-worthy pickle to go with? The best thing about pickles is that they do so much in so little. Think about it, you vanilla dal chawal can be stepped up several notches with just a tiny bit of chilli pickle and the likes. Which is why it is absolutely essential to have a jar of pickle at home at all times. And while there are plenty of options at your nearby grocery, homemade pickles are a class above. Follow these recipes to whip up delicious pickles at home!


  1. Cauliflower Pickle

It doesn’t matter if cauliflowers scare the bejesus out of you, because this cauliflower is here to set everything straight!cauliflower-pickle


  1. Narthangai Pickle

The Narthangai pickle scores sky high on taste as well as being a medicinally approved aid to smoothen out digestion. It doesn’t get better than this!narthangai-oorugai-recipe

  1. Drumstick Pickle

Made with an exotic blend of hot spices and the tropical drumstick, this pickle is the perfect combination of flavors!drumstickpickle4612

  1. Crunchy Vegetable Pickle

Bunch up all the vegetables you like and pickle them in a tangy brine solution that goes beautifully well with Indian as well as western food.Pickled Vegetables

  1. Green Chilly Pickle

This one’s for the parrot at heart. Okay, terrible joke. But the green chilly pickle uses fresh green chilies and strong spices to bottle up a pickle that would make the Scoville Levels very

  1. Prawn Pickle

Like pickles? Love seafood? This zesty and easy-to-make prawn pickle is just the pickle for you.prawn-pickle

  1. Andhra Chicken Pickle

Drawing major ingredients from Andhra spice cellars, the Andhra Chicken pickle is not for the faint palate. High on taste and spice, this one can turn around the blandest of meals.

Andhra Chicken Pickle Recipe

  1. Pickled Shallots

Team up all your kebabs, tikkas, tandoori snacks, and starters with these gorgeous shallots pickled in vinegar and spices. This is perfect to pair with Mughlai and North Indian food.pickledshallots

  1. Cucumber & Carrot Pickle

A tangy yet mild pickle, the cucumber carrot pickle uses a bouquet of flavoursome spices, a hint of chili, and a tangy marinade to roll out a delicious pickle!CucumberCarrotPickle4132

  1. Mango Pickle

The classic mango pickle will take you back to your summer vacation days with the heady flavours of mustard oil, raw mangoes and masala.Mango Pickle Recipe Image