Here Are The Best Organic Food Stores In Mumbai To Help You Eat Right

In the face of lifestyle diseases and concerns, there’s never been a greater demand for organic food. Organic foods are free from artificial additives and preservatives and have been grown with a minimal or no use of chemicals and pesticides. As a result, they’re healthier and easier for the human body to process.
In Mumbai, there’s a multitude of websites and start-ups devoted to selling organic fare. However, if you’d like to see what you’re buying first hand, here are the best organic food stores in Mumbai.

Magna Nutrition Centre

Where: Worli

Magna Nutrition Center on Dr Annie Besant Road sells healthy drinks, soy milk, teas and organic grains.

Jio Organic

Where: Powai

Jiyo Organic collects a variety of organic products form different producers including CoNatural, Farmers Cheese Making and O’s Organic Honey. Products include rice, grains and pulses, organic vegetables and herbs, dairy and cheese products as well as beauty products like activated charcoal soap.

Vedanta Organics

Where: Powai

Also in Powai, Vedanta Organics retails a range of products including roasted, healthy snacks, seeds and nut flours.

Conscious Foods

Where: Lower Parel

Conscious Foods is stocked at a variety of stores across the city but also has its own outlet in Lower Parel. It sells organic beverages and sweeteners like filter coffee, golden sugar and masala tea, cereals and pulses like unpolished poha and brown rice flour, snacks, herbs, seeds, oils and spices.

Nature’s Basket

Where: Across the city

Nature’s Basket has a chain of outlets across the city including one in Churchgate, Bandra, Powai as well as in major malls. It stocks an extensive range of foods from fresh vegetables and fruits to snacks to condiments.

Down To Earth

Where: Tardeo


Down to Earth has stores across India and retails in cereal grains, flours, dals, spices, garam masala, edible oils and ghee, tea, coffee, sugar and jaggery and rice poha.