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10 Best Electric Rice Cookers In India – Updated


Cooking is made easier with a cooker.  The cooker is the most often used kitchen appliances, especially in India. At present the traditional cookers are giving way to electric cookers. The electric cookers are easy to use and they come with an auto cut off, which helps the women to save a lot of time and also gives freedom from the task of counting the number of whistles the pressure cooker gives off, before it can be switched off. Another important feature of electric rice cookers is that once the food is cooked it automatically shifts from the cooking mode to keep warm mode and keeps the food warm for a long time, using very little electricity.

1.Prestige Electric Rice Cooker

This very cute electric rice cooker manufactured by prestige is having the capacity of 2.8 litres. The colour of this cooker is very attractive and is perfect for not only rice but it is having the ability to cook your entire menu. Using this rice cooker you can prepare soup, porridge, stew, pulao, idlis and steam vegetables with ease and convenience. It cooks rice very fast thus saves your time a lot. Check out its full specifications below.

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  1. Close Fit Stainless Steel Lid
  2. Detachable Power Cord for Portability, Cool Touch Handles
  3. Scoop Holder, Keep Warm Mode, 5 Years Warranty on Heating Plate
  4. Cooks upto 1.7 kg Rice
  5. 2.8 Litres Capacity, 2 Aluminium Cooking Pans

2.Panasonic Electric Rice Cooker

It is giant electric cooker with 5.4-liter capacity. If you have to cook in bulk quantity then maybe it is a good option for you. Check out its full specifications below.
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  1. Total Volume-4.4 Litre ; Raw Capacity-0.9 Litre
  2. Convenient bridge handle
  3. Auto cooking/scoop holder
  4. 4 hours keep warm function
  5. Clear steaming basket
  6. Lid holder
  7. Anchor coated non-stick cooking pan

3.Preethi Electric Rice Cooker

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  1. Precise pressure and temperature control
  2. Anti steam ejection technology. Cool touch handles
  3. Heavy gauge aluminium inner pan
  4. Perfect vessel seating for enhanced heater life
  5. Anti finger mark coating. Accurate mechanical timer

4.Bajaj Electric Rice Cooker

This rice cooker manufactured by Bajaj is having a capacity of 2.8 litres. It allows you to prepare rice quickly without any hassle and it also saves your kitchen space. It comes with a stainless steel lid bearing steam vents. According to the essential features, it is very compact in size thus one can carry it around while traveling.

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  1. Jumbo size
  2. Stainless steel lid
  3. Warranty: 2 years on product
  4. Power: 1000 watts

5.Philips Electric Rice Cooker

Philips Daily Collection HD3017/08 has 650-watt power with 1.8 liter capacity. If you are looking for best rice cooker under 2-liter capacity than you can go for it.

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  1. Tasty and evenly cooked rice with 3D heating technology
  2. Automatic rice cooking and automatic keep warm keeps rice fresh for 12 hours
  3. 1.5 mm 5-layer inner pot for even heating, cooks rice tastier
  4. One touch button for easy control
  5. Easy-to-read water level indicator
  6. Detachable power cord for convenient storage
  7. Golden coating ensures inner pot durable and non-stick
  8. Aluminum steamer creates more options for the consumer such as different rice recipes and steaming vegetables
  9. Warranty: 2 years on product
  10. Power: 650 watts; Operating voltage: 220-240 volts

6.Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker

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  1. Removable inner pot
  2. Easy cleaning
  3. Warm and cook indicator
  4. Power: 700-Watt

7.Premier Electric Rice Cooker

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  1. Material: Steel
  2. Weight: 2500 grams
  3. Capacity: 2.2 Ltr (22ES)

8.Butterfly Electric Rice Cooker

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  1. High quality Stainless steel top lid
  2. Cooking plate to ensure perfect starch filtration
  3. Free additional bowl
  4. Capacity: 1.8 liters
  5. Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on heating plate
  6. Power: 700 watts; Operating Voltage: 220 – 240 volts
  7. Includes: Rice cooker, Base Unit, Rice paddle, Measuring cup and Cooking plate

9.Usha Electric Rice Cooker


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  1. Multiple applications: pressure cooking, cooking rice, Sauteing, Steaming, Simmering, Slow cooking, Browning, Boiling, Making soup, Warming and everything a pressure cooker can do
  2. The safest way of pressure cooking with 10 built-in safety features
  3. Automatic keep warm function (Upto 6 Hours)
  4. Automatic time and pressure control: Easy usage with low monitoring and ensures your food is cooked evenly (For precision Cooking)
  5. Automatic pressure maintenance allows the user the convenience of not having to attend to the cooking
  6. Cooking in Usha EPC takes the guesswork out of traditional pressure cookers

10. Havells Electric Rice Cooker


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  1. Over heat cut off protection
  2. 1.2 mm thick cooking bowl
  3. Auto cook and keep warm function
  4. Soft anodized cooking bowl from outside
  5. Unique trivet tray prevents food from sticking
  6. Capacity: 1.8 liters.

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