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Ketosis & More: 2020’s 5 Best Diet & Fitness Apps


Today, perhaps more than ever, fitness is a major priority among a vast number of Indians. The fitness regimen of Bollywood stars and cricketing heroes has no doubt inspired millions to find the best diet and fitness apps out there. The importance of staying fit and healthy has been adequately stressed by the Indian government, a message that resonates loud and clear with the masses.

Against this backdrop – especially given the proliferation of mobile phones with Internet connectivity in India (thank you, Jio!), it is no surprise that various diet apps have emerged with prominence.

Accordingly, in this article, we look at 5 of the best diet apps in 2020 that help fulfil your weight loss aspirations – and much more!

When it comes to holistic fitness apps in India that help fulfil a vast variety of fitness goals, definitely comes up trumps. Promoted by Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, very well known for their fitness regimens, has quickly developed a massive following across India.

As we mentioned above, it is its holistic approach to fitness that has really caught the attention of so many. After all, under the umbrella, there are multiple offerings that include the following.

  • – A large fitness and workout chain in major Indian cities.
  • – Offering healthy yet tasty fresh meals with the option to subscribe on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • – Has a clear focus on yoga and meditation for superior mental health and wellbeing.
  • – This is akin to having your own personal doctor, across a variety of different specialties.

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GM Diet: Indian Weight Loss App

GM Diet is a specialised diet app that takes the unique needs of Indians into perspective while suggesting dietary recourse towards weight loss.

The objective here is to stringently follow a unique diet that allows weight loss to occur rapidly (up to 8 kilograms of weight loss in just 7 days). This is in spite of not resorting to any extreme measures such as starving, etc.

Instead, a well-balanced diet that is high in natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, regularly consumed in everyday Indian diets, is suggested.

The ultimate goal is to achieve results beyond mere weight loss alone, such as the following.

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  • Better skin
  • A detoxified system
  • Mental and psychological wellbeing
  • Feel confident and energized

Alongside this, the GM Diet app regularly shares various weight loss tips, including insights about grocery shopping for various diets.

GM Diet has become immensely popular due to the speed with which it induces weight loss, as well as the fact that it is available in both English and Hindi.

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HealthifyMe is another health and fitness app that works at multiple levels, including the option of availing a fully customised workout, diet, and weight loss plan. On HealthifyMe, practically every aspect of health, fitness, and diet can be looked into, such as the following.

  • Keeping tabs on calorie intake
  • Monitoring your workouts
  • Planning a short- and long-term diet chart that is in line with your overall fitness goals
  • Maintaining all-around good health, including mental wellbeing through yoga and meditation
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Fitternity is especially useful in discovering health and fitness centres around you. After all, today there are many neighbourhood gyms and other health centres in practically every prominent city or town of India. Keeping track of all of them is by no means an easy task. But, because of Fitternity, this becomes a lot easier.

Further, you can go beyond your normal workout and find other fitness centres that offer Zumba classes, Crossfit, Yoga, and much more. Fitternity also helps avail membership at many of these facilities with good discounts.

Once a regular fitness routine kick starts for patrons using this app, working out a suitable diet in line with weight loss or fitness goals becomes a whole lot easier.

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Truweight is another popular diet app. Within the Truweight app, there is a razor-sharp focus on dietary intake, which is clearly looked at as both the problem, as well as the solution, for various weight-related issues or concerns.

Therefore, when dietary recommendations as given by the app are followed stringently, there is every possibility that your health and fitness goals will ultimately be achieved with more ease.

Highlights of this app include the following.

  • Weight loss log tables
  • Recommended superfoods
  • Dietary consultation
  • Regular health tips
  • Various inspirational videos and blogs
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Final Notes

Above we have listed the 5 best diet apps in 2020 for Ketosis, fitness, and more. Irrespective of the app you opt for (you can easily choose all 5 if you wish!), you are quite likely to see positive results in line with your fitness and dietary goals.

All diet apps listed here can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

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