Best Dhaba In Bengaluru For Those North Indian Cravings!

Having grown up in Bengaluru I absolutely adore rice, dosas and literally anything involving the word ‘meals’ (Kerala, Andhra, what have you). However, I do have my share of North Indian friends who would constantly crib about eating rice (what’s wrong with rice?!) and the lack of good paneer dishes. They were also baffled by the lack of dhabas “What do you mean you don’t eat at dhabas!” Hence, here is our recommendation for the best dhaba in Bengaluru for the best North Indian cuisine.

Manjit Da Dhaaba

Honestly, just the prices alone will have you traipsing all the way to Frazer Town to eat at this Dhaba. A meal for two will cost you just Rs. 250. People rave about their phulkas, stuffed paranthas, Shahi paneer, and anything mushroom!

Maa Da Dhaba 

This restaurant is situated all the way in Yelahanka if you’re lucky enough to live nearby (or travel a lot) you can get a taste of this delicious food just like mum makes. Try out the Mushroom Matar, Rajma Chawal and you won’t be disappointed. At the reasonable price of Rs. 600 for two this is firmly in the running for best dhaba in Bengaluru

Dhaba by Claridges

For those that like their dhaba food with a classy ambience this place is for you. You get your typical dhaba feel yet somehow it is oh so posh. Try out their Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer. Their desserts are incredibly rich – just the way I like it! However, this place would definitely burn a hole in your pocket (a papad is 65 bucks!). They also have a full bar, and their staff break out in Punjabi dance moves every so often so that does make up for it.