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berry’d alive everyday


i went to Bangalore for a national conference, being a foodie, obviously i had before hand searched for places to eat at. After having read such great reviews on zomato, seeing the high rating and most of all, after hours of drooling over the pics of yummilious desserts, Berry’d alive was on the top of my places to visit. 
so finally on my last day in bangalore, to end the great journey there couldn’t have been a better place than this. located in Indiranagar, this little dessert parlor is slightly tucked away from the usual hustle bustle of bangalore.

this is a very cute and adorable, little paradise, a kiss of heaven for people with a sweet tooth. a really charming, bright colored, yet simple place, with a board on the wall full of post-its and messages on tissue paper….mostly white in background with bright colored chairs and a red swirl design on wall, the ambiance is jst like their desserts….awesome yet simple!!

you need to walk down to the counter and order your dessert, the staff behind the counter is really friendly and suggestive. and trust me you will need their help, because their menu is full of delicious goodness that you will not know what to have and what to leave (atleast for that visit).

after going through the many available options and tempting treats, i finally decided to settle down for:
raspberry and peach pavlova: the pavlova was just perfect, crispy on the outside, (crispy enough that when i broke into it, the top crumbled away with a crunch!!) and airy, light yet chewy from inside, with lime mascarpone filling, which was really subtle on the palate and peaches sliced in swirls of raspberry puree which added the perfect sweetness to the zingy light pavlova….. the dessert was just perfect, it was crispy, light, zesty, lemony, sweet and simply delightful.

peanut butter crumble pudding with hazelnut creme: oh my this was a complete contrast to the previous dessert, it was rich, luxurious, intense, chocolaty and full of complex textures which perfectly complemented each other. 
the rich yet light and lip smacking peanut butter and cream cheese pudding on a sturdy and crunchy chocolate chip cookie crumb, topped with hazelnut chocolate topping with the perfect sheen, gives it a delicious chocolate finish, with a thin and crispy sugar sphere. the perfectly arranged  layers give a flourish of peanut butter, chocolate , hazelnut and buttery crumbly cookie dose in every bit….absolutely addictive and highly sinful.

the prices are very much worth it… every creation of theirs is such that i can get happily berry’d alive over and over again.

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