Bernie Sanders’ Healthy & Enjoyable Diet Will Put Yours To Shame

Jr. US Senator from Vermont and candidate for the US Presidential Elections 2016, Bernard ‘Bernie’ Sanders relishes a diet that at first go will seem delightful but on closer look, healthy as well. The best part? He does not need to fight any craving or urges. Eating healthy comes naturally to him.

The one hiccup his eating habits encountered was a late night gluttony indulgence. Which too was curbed later on (courtesy, a family intervention). And according to a recent article by The Washington Post, the 74 year old now has only smoothies, healthy nibbles and salads on his platter at all times.

A hearty meat lover, Sanders indulges in occasional grilling, tandoori pork from an Indian takeaway when in Burlington and a perfect medium-rare steak.Sanders-on-Wilmore-1280x798

Image: Salon


The Simple Foodie

He may have a couple food items like Ben & Jerry’s ‘Bernie’s Yearning’ and the ‘Feel The Bern’ salsa, but his eating choices are fairly simple. Although, he does relish what he likes.

Daughter Driscoll explains her stepfathers’ foodie bent, says: “If by foodie you mean someone who appreciates where food comes from and enjoys quality food, then Bernie is a foodie.”

That said, she adds that “he doesn’t require an amuse-bouche,” she says, referring to the bite-size welcome some upscale chefs send to diners. “He doesn’t even know what that is.”BerniesYearningIceCream-00611459902905

Image: The Washington Post


Breakfast To Dinner

When at home, Sanders starts his day with some cherry juice, Raisin Bran and an English muffin. Bacon and eggs substitute this when he’s out, reveals his wife Jane Sanders who also adds that her husband “loves the opportunity to do regular things.” So apart from the grill, his expertise also lay in the kitchen where he likes making a stir-fry of chicken, mushrooms and onions or grilling a steak.

Dinner depends on Bernie’s mood but regulars would include prime rib, corn on the cob, broccoli and fresh bread. Meanwhile, his pantry thrives with consistent stocks of locally raised meat, seasonal tomatoes, blueberries, avocados, 1 percent milk and fruit preserves for those English muffins.519241020

Image: The Washington Post

The list seems like an ideal chart off a dietician’s bulletin board. And that’s how Bernie likes his food! Almost dropped that cupcake, didn’t you?


Feature Image: USA Today