Bengaluru’s Culinary Scene Has Struck Gold With Alchemy

Situated on the 10th floor of the Chancery Pavillion, Alchemy is the new kid on the block. Curated by celebrity Chef, restauranteur, and cookbook author Hari Nayak we were thrilled to discover his interpretation of Indian fusion cuisine (oft tried, but rarely successful). Hailing from namma Karnataka, Udupi to be exact, Alchemy is Chef Hari Nayak’s first foray into the restaurant scene in Bengaluru and we’re hoping it won’t be his last.

Indian Cuisine With A Global Twist

We started off with the Chicken Sukka Bulgogi and were pleasantly surprised by how the gochujang mayo married perfectly with the sukka and the appam base. Next, we tried the Artichoke Aloo Samosa which contained a surprise wasabi kick that offset the earthiness of the root vegetables.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Hickory Smoked Chicken Kebab, which added a bit of drama to our table vis-a-vis the gorgeous smell of hickory. The crunch of the batter also added another lovely textural element. If you’re not a big fan of kale, the Tikki Trio is here to change your mind. Three kebabs made with kale and spinach, wild mushroom, and quinoa and beet are enough to turn you into a vegetarian kebab convert.

From the entrees, we were the most delighted by the Twice-Cooked Lamb complete with chicken chicharron, green pea sauce, and crunchy peas. The Konkan Fish Fillet was another favorite, with the lemongrass flavor of the curry, very much reminiscent of a Thai curry, pairing nicely with the quinoa chitranna and the heat from the masala marinated fish.

Dinner isn’t complete without dessert, and Chef Hari Nayak had already whetted our appetite with talk of his signature Mysore Pak Cheesecake – of course, it didn’t disappoint. Made with a Mysore Pak base with little cubes of the sweet embedded in the filling, combined with a mascarpone mousse set on a bed of sugar-frosted cornflakes, this dessert was the embodiment of decadence, a must-try if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth.

Along with our meal, we also enjoyed an array of cocktails, such as the Ghazal, and a Paan-infused Sambucca drink. We can’t wait until their brewery is in business so we can pair their glorious appetizers with craft beer. We recommend you head to Alchemy this June to experience the gold standard for global fusion cuisine.