Whenever I go for a meal, I know that the smallest thing can put me off. If I find a hair in my dish it’s game over, and I’m pretty sure many of you would feel the same (some of

We’ve all been at that point after a crazy night where we just crave some calorie filled junk food. We go to Empire if we must, but when I was younger, Taco Bell was a great option. Those hard shell

This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill! Tipsy Bull – The Bar Exchange, in Bellandur, is all set to turn one this Saturday and what better way to celebrate than with subsidized drinks? I know, it

Looking for a place to satisfy your cravings while venturing out into the picturesque beauty of old Bangalore? Well look no further we’ve compiled the perfect list of restaurants near Ulsoor Lake that will keep your stomach happy and your

It’s common knowledge that we all experience cravings for a certain cuisine. More often than not, especially here in Bengaluru, the international experiences and friends we’ve made in our lives help us to acquire an eclectic taste based on authenticity.

We all know that feeling of being in a time crunch when it comes time to order a cake for a celebration. Sometimes we’ve left it to the last minute, other times we’ve unforgivably forgotten and are now running around


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.Salads are amongst the many accompaniments one can find with an Indian meal. One can prepare salad with anything - fresh vegetables, canned vegetables, fruits, eggs and seafood. Here we have provided few salad recipes. Serve salads with an Indian spread or as starters..

Indian Egg Recipes

.Eggs are one of the most complete, naturally produced foods containing many essential nutrients for a balanced diet for adults and children alike..