Bengaluru Students Protest Against The Poor Quality Of Food Served In Hostel

The students residing in the Nachiketa Nilaya Hostel in the city of Bengaluru are irked by the food quality served in the hostel run by the Social Welfare Department. According to reports by The Hindu, the students are alleging that the food was made using rotten vegetables.

Less Than Satisfactory Hostel Food

The students have pointed fingers at the cooks, officers and contractors for the bad food quality. They further allege that the afternoon meal prepared was being served at night as well causing a hygiene issues with the hostel  residents.

They have spoken and urged the department’s joint director Jayanna and taluk assistant director Balaji to take an action against the staff and contractors. The wardens and cooks were given a warning by the two officers that if the situation persists, a stringent action will be taken.