Bengaluru, Celebrate Everything Coffee With Cafe Noir This International Coffee Day


International Coffee Day is an affair to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage. To embrace this special day , Cafe Noir welcomes coffee from around the world, hand-crafted preparations, coffeelicious desserts, and many more Chef’s specialities!


This year, Café Noir, brings exquisite beans from around the world, right to the doors of the city. Coffee brewed from beans from countries such as Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico are sure to set your senses tingling with their own unique aromas and flavors. You can expect to be treated to coffee encasing a range of flavours such as lightly acidic – with wine like characteristics, deep with complex flavors, aromatic and smooth and nutty with a slight fruitiness.

Excited, huh? This is not all, the Café will also serve up variations of regular coffee, coffee centric desserts, a coffee & dessert paired menu, and of course – some Chef’s special each day.

Whether espresso or americano, latte or affogato, macchiato or cappuccino, instant or filter is your cup of tea, scrathch that, coffee, this is the day to appreciate your love for this magical potion. So, when you take that sip from your cup this day, and every other day that follows, immerse yourself in it’s aroma, embrace it’s robust flavour and most importantly, feel the coffee in your veins.


Event Details

What: Coffee In Veins – International Coffee Day celebration
When: October 01 – 09, 2016
Where: Across all the Café Noir outlets