Bengaluru-Based MTR To Expand Their Ready To Eat Range

Big Plans!

Everything moves at such a fast pace these days, it can definitely become difficult to say, cook an entire meal from scratch, or even get your breakfast in on a busy day! MTR had the perfect solution to that problem in 2017 when they launched their ready to eat ‘3 minute’ breakfast range that was a smash hit!

Now, MTR is planning on making a big move by expanding their three minute breakfast range. The six initial products bought in upwards of 25 crores in the last fiscal year. Sanjay Sharma, CEO said that the company has been investing in the R&D to add to this range. “As a company, we are looking at ideas that assure revenue upwards of Rs. 10 crore and have given up on spree that saw 44 innovations in 12-18 months prior to April 2017 fetching revenue upwards of Rs 1 crore,” he said.

“We are trying out newer rice based products with our R&D teams and chefs and striving hard to fine tune the same so that it fits well with our 3 Minute Breakfast trademark,” he added. While Sanjay admitted that the company had calmed on innovation this fiscal year, he added that the they are now focusing on building on the idea of ‘3 Minute Breakfast’ that has caught the imagination of consumers.

“With even our closest rivals not able to replicate this and have rather generously been appreciative of our efforts in this regard, the whole effort is to quicken the R&D cycle and add to the product range when we are ready,” he said.