Bengaluru Based BBQ Ride Is Changing The Food Truck Game One Royal Enfield At A Time

Food trucks might be the coolest creation for the food industry, but in the city of Bengaluru, there’s something even bigger happening. BBQ Ride is the latest entrant into the ‘food-on-the-move’ market and they are definitely changing the game.

Arun and Krishna, brothers in Bengaluru, are the masterminds behind BBQ Ride, where they have attached grills and cooking equipment to their Royal Enfield bikes so that they can drive around and serve food in different areas of the city. The first of its kind in India, BBQ Ride was inspired by everybody’s favourite Hindi movie, Sholay. They’ve modified the Royal Enfield bikes that we are so used to, to make it a more mobile food production space and it is quite the sight. Driving down the street, you can’t miss out on BBQ Ride at any given time.

The brothers already have a food truck business with three food trucks and a Nano that they’ve converted into an ice cream car. As they told YourStory, the idea came up when they continued to face issues trying to park their Tempo Travellers every evening. It takes about 10 minutes to get the grill going once the bikes are parked and they can serve up to 200 meals per vehicle.


And what’s even better is that Royal Enfield themselves are intrigued by the modifications and fabrications and are willing to help the brothers get more bikes to use for their food business. Their menu has the staples like chicken legs, chicken strips and even prawn strips along with wraps and burgers and if you’re feeling really adventurous, cooked lamb chops.

According to reports, BBQ Ride can be seen setting up shop around Kammanahalli and Sahakarnagar, so for food lovers in the area or those willing to go there, this is said to be an absolute treat. Their menu prices start at Rs. 100. Plus, they do more than just set up in these areas, they also cater to birthday parties, events and concerts!

It is an interesting concept and one that we hope spreads to other parts of the country as well. So if you’re in Bengaluru or visiting the city anytime soon, you know where to go.