Ben And Jerry’s New Range Of Vegan Ice Creams Will Be Made With Almond Milk

Attention, Ben and Jerry’s fans! Lactose intolerant fans, yes, you too can listen up! Because this is good news for EVERYONE! Ben and Jerry’s have confirmed that their newest range of vegan ice creams will be made from almond milk. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? The company, earlier this summer in June, stated that they were testing ice cream for vegans, and to go with that, 28,432 people signed a petition for dairy-free options through Well, people raised their voices, and the company that is Ben and Jerry’s, responded well enough by coming up with dairy-free ice cream. 

Ben and Jerry's


Although we’re a little sympathetic to all those with nut allergies out there, we still have reason to celebrate seeing how lactose intolerant people can enjoy the most delicious flavors of ice cream. With almond milk being the base of the latest range of ice creams, vegans also get to treat themselves to some famous Ben and Jerry’s tubs and it doesn’t stop there. This is good news for all health conscious individuals too as they can binge on ice cream and not worry about the fat as much as they would with regular, dairy-packed ice cream. “Besides being quite popular among vegans and other dairy-alternative-seekers, almond milk proved to be the best choice as a dairy-free frozen dessert base, beating out soy milk, cashew milk, and other contenders for our Flavor Gurus’ favor,” the company said in a statement, according to Huffington Post. Flavor Guru and ‘Non-Dairy Queen’ Kirsten Schimoler said, “Almond milk gave us the best blank canvas to carry the funky chunks and swirls that you know and love. Best of all, a portion of our almonds will be Fairtrade-sourced.” The new vegan flavours have not been revealed by the company yet and neither have their release dates, but you can be sure to expect some delicious and healthy, dairy-free, egg-free, and honey-free ice cream flavours by Ben and Jerry’s on the shelves soon!


What Ben and Jerry’s ice cream would you like to see in vegan flavours? We’re hoping for some vegan Chunky Monkey!