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being social-even when offline!!


Social is a space that blends the best of the office and the café. Combining work and play,  it’s an urban hangout designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. Social is a collaborative workspace, a hub for artists and innovators. Ever since working from home became the order of the day among entrepreneurs and freelancers, there has been an increasing demand for a good workplace that doesn’t spell “drab” too loud. The dearth of a comfortable cafe with fast wifi and ample plug-points has made itself evident. Social strongly believes that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Office by day, pub by night, Social opens at 9 am and transforms itself into a party hotspot every evening post 6 pm. Call them unorthodox or call them interesting, one can never get enough of the eccentricity around this place. Unconventional all the way, they ensure work doesn’t look as sad as it sounds.

The path that leads to Social feels like the road to a dungeon. The narrow alley lined with graffiti opens up into a vast space with two floors, numerous rooms and big glass windows. Social occupies two floors of the building, but opens up horizontally into numerous sections.
Social incorporates everything that’s quirky, be it the tissues that are in the form of toilet paper rolls, the menu in a newspaper format or the iced tea that comes in a tiny bathtub with a straw. 
The first floor is a section dedicated to those using Social as their office, while the ground floor operates like a regular cafe with reasonably priced food, drinks and desserts. The work floor charges a fee of Rs. 5,000 per month, per person that is fully redeemable in food and drinks. A conference room is also provided to anyone who would like to conduct meetings at the venue. The collaborative environment allows people with different work backgrounds to mingle with each other, making it easier to connect with people in different fields. And to top it all, there is a beautiful view of the lake one can enjoy while working or diggin food!!
the service is quick and efficient…the servers are available round the corner to fulfill your requirements. 
Just as fascinating as the crockery is the food. The menu is an assortment of the tried and tested dishes, but with a twist. Affordably priced and served in large portions, the food is piping hot and decent. Each dish is done over to add an element of surprise, and so are the drinks. The LIITs that are served in tall glasses with pipes for straws and other cocktails are served in pouches or kerosene bottles (because glasses are just too main stream).
They may have chosen the regulars, yet they’re anything but common.
so for the day’s luncheon we ordered :
Fresh lime soda: i wanted to order oreo mud pot shake but because it was unavailable, and apart from that i didn’t find anything unique i decided to settle for fresh lime soda(mix), they served it in a jar though the base was that of water, upon notifying the same they got it replaced with that of soda base, but though the drink was light and refreshing and was fizzy enough to beat this scorching heat, i could just taste a over the top salted soda…there wasn’t any hint of slight sweetness since i ordered for a mixed one!! didn’t like as they screwed up even such a basic beverage!!
Social shake: it is basically cold coffee which is served along with orange flavored wafers(the flavor choice seemed a bit weird since it didn’t quite go with the coffee), though the coffee in itself was nice, nothing extra-ordinary but atleast it tasted good, with well balance of sugar and coffee!!
Fish tacos: well when the dish came i was a bit excited as i love fish and had never tasted fish tacos before so was expecting a lot!! though the presentation was nice, they served us 6 small portions of fish taco(social version as i never can call them tacos for real), soft, limp taco, with baja sauce spread across topped with shredded cabbage and over salty, oily, soft fish fingers wrapped together to form a roll, served with the same baja sauce, which also failed to impress me!!
OTT dawg: the hot dog looke interesting and yummy!! and indeed tasted really good….though i would have loved a bit more punch of flavor, a kick of spice to complement the sweet salad and salty bacon would have made this the perfect dish….though i enjoyed what was served!! a big slice of bacon sitting at the bottom of the bread, topped with sausage with mexican lamb chilli( lamb mince mixed with sweet baked beans in tomato base sauce….nothing chilli about it..though the beans added to the texture) topped with melted cheese was tasty!! served with crispy french fries and a small salad of pickled cucumber caramelized onions!!  
Chocolate blood bath: it was the highlight of the meal, served in a small plastic (bathing)tub this dessert is for the all in chocolate lovers!! a layer of chocolate cake topped with pieces of chocolate brownie, small balls of chocolate truffle, gooey chocolate fudge, dark chocolate and white chocolate sauce, scoops of vanilla ice cream and chocolate mousse, which were topped with whipped cream, the cherry on top of it all was missing, but the dessert was spot on!! a decadent, sinful dessert!!! loved it…
so for 2 beverages, 1 taco, 1 hot dog, 1 dessert and 1 bottle of beer the total bill came to be 1900 bucks(inclusive of tax and tips) in a steel box with damage painted on top.
Social is creating a stir with deconstructed dishes and bizarre cocktails. The decor, cutlery, serving ware everything screams weird yet awesome, the prices are decent, the place is a great hangout place with fantastic music, all they need to do is focus a bit more on their food!!
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