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Behold, Nandos’ All New Fiery Pulled Chicken Range


There is no denying the sheer brilliance of Nandos’ flame-grilled peri-peri chicken. But the food chain just one-upped itself with an all-new addition to their already amazing menu – the pulled chicken range. As the names suggests, the new menu features a bevy of delicious offerings laden and stuffed with juicy pulled peri-peri chicken.


Pulled To Perfection

The pulled-chicken range prides itself with four new food offerings – the pulled chicken tigela, pulled chicken burger, pulled chicken wrap, and the pulled chicken stuffed pita. While each of these four preparation are based around the same main ingredient, they all have a separate identity and own characteristic, which can not be translated into words, but I’ll try my best.

Pulled Chicken Burger – Sandwiched between two ridiculously fluffy buns was a drool-worthy blend of pulled peri peri chicken mixed with caramelized onions, and hot sauce This mean and meaty burger was a great pair with the restaurants’ peri peri wedges, which we ate the very last crumb of!

Pulled Chicken Wrap – For its delicious balance of bread, chicken, vegetables, and sauce, the pulled chicken wrap was easily my favourite preparation on the menu. Paired with a gulp of Nandos’ tangy Portuguese Lemonade, the wrap left an appetizing blazing trail on our palate.

Pulled Chicken Tigela – The highly hyped Tigela, is essentially a bowl of spicy wild rice topped with pulled peri peri chicken, and though wholesome, the preparation managed to just about impress me. That said, I would recommend this Tigela to all of you who are fans of Nandos’ spicy rice as it is a meatier spin-off of the same. Meanwhile, vegetarians can dish out a paneer-topped version of this Tigela.

Pulled Chicken Pita – Imagine a freshly toasted pita. Now picture it stuffed with spoonfuls of peri peri pulled chicken – that is precisely what this preparation was. Smeared with a dollop of peri peri hummus, this pulled chicken pita wrap spelled out ‘delish’.

What’s More?

The pulled chicken specials are not all that Nando’s has on offer this season. The chain is also serving up some refreshing designer drinks to pair your chicken with and a spicy burst of hot(ter) peri peri sauces to fire up your winter. The sauce tasted like a million bucks drizzled over just about anything, but I personally enjoyed it with my hummus and pita appeteaser.

Need I say more? This December head on over to a Nando’s near you to enjoy the restaurant’s exciting new pulled chicken range! Find the nearest outlet here.

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