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Behind the Sheets: All about Sheet Cakes


So what is this about the great ‘sheet’ cake? Is it a sheet? Is it a cake? I can still eat it right? 

Hang in there! We’ve got you covered. We’ve looked into it and here it is: A cake baked in a square pan. Promise. That’s all there is to it. Really? That’s what the fuss is about? Well, it’s also iced and decorated and absolutely yummy-licious. Now you’re talking! 

sheet cake

The key to the perfect sheet cake is to make sure it’s absolutely immaculate when it comes to the “sheet” per se. Absolutely level and rectangular; curves won’t be appreciated. 

The Texas Sheet Cake is a famous recipe handed down from generation to generation. Google says, a recipe by Bree Hester. 

Here’s a video on how to get a super perfect looking sheet cake. Just because we want to make a fuss about it! Enjoy.