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Beetle House Is The Tim Burton Themed Restaurant Fans Are Going Crazy For!


If you’ve ever watched a Tim Burton movies you’ll know that almost all his movies star Johnny Depp and that the world he creates in each film is immersive. Lucky for Burton fans, Beetle House is here to cater to all of your deep, dark (Tim Burton related) fantasies.

Beetle House first opened in New York City in April 2016, and after much success, another location launched in Los Angeles this past May. It pretty much ensures that every day is Halloween (yes, his films are pretty freaky).

Try to get over there on Tuesdays, aka Halloween Nights! There’s a Boozy Scavenger Hunt, where items and golden tickets are hidden throughout the bar in exchange for free drinks and more. You can also expect bobbing for apples and piñatas, as well as a Walk of Fame for best costume — and the winner will be featured on their Instagram page (BRB, hand sewing a costume right away).

Not only do you get to interact with Willy Wonka — and of course, Beetlejuice — but there’s a cool menu that gives an ode to the movies. Think of sipping on an Alice’s Cup O’Tea (peach vodka, gin, rum, tequila, peach schnapps, sours mix, and splash of Coke) and eating an Edward Burger Hands. Get your reservations ASAP!

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