Beer Me Up, Scotty! Star Trek Anniversary Special Brew Is Here!

The Star Trek franchise celebrates 50 years in 2016 and in honour of that, not only are we getting a new Star Trek movie (Star Trek Beyond releases this month), but Trekkies are finally getting their own brand of beers!

While you’d expect the captain of the ship and his crew to be sober and flying their ship without being under the influence, it’s been known that the crew of the Enterprise has never really had a problem with alcohol. In the first movie of the latest franchise, we’re greeted with a drunk Captain Kirk, and in the trailers for the new movie, there’s a snippet or Kirk and Doctor McCoy are sharing a drink. 


But we digress. Shmaltz Brewing in New York has teamed up with CBS Studios to brew and launch a new beer very aptly called “Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: The Trouble With Tribbles” and “Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale: Voyage To The Northeast Quadrant“. The brew will make its debut on July 20th, at the Star Trek Beyond premiere in San Digeo and at ComicCon which also happens this month. And if you miss these two opportunities, you can taste it at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention in August.

According to Shmaltz brewer Drew Schmidt, “The Trouble With Tribbles is inspired by a Star Trek episode by the same name, in which ‘the Enterprise was on a mission to deliver Quadrotriticale in an effort to save the agrarian planet Sherman’.”