Beer Trumps All Other Hard Drinks In India This Year!


You may like your Martinis Dirty, Vodka “shaken not stirred”, and wine with the finest cheese but beer drinkers are still going to win it at the bar. Not just because we’re the coolest – well partly that – but simply because beer will soon out market all other hard drinks in the Indian market.

No kidding. According to the latest numbers from market research firm Euromonitor, beer will outsell hard drinks in India this year. While beer sales volumes are forecast to grow higher at an average 5.7% between 2015 and 2020, the growth in spirits as a category will be less than 2%, the research reports. And while most of us may land on the conclusion that the hike is probably because of the on-going Oktoberfest, that is anything but correct.

Euromointor states that the hike comes about as a result of the expanding middle class, growth in social drinking, and the shift away from hard liquor due to heath concerns, which eventually lead more and more people opting for a pint at the bar. Here’s a look at the global beer consumption numbers.


Source: ET Retail


Feature Image: suitelife