Beer Gets Bigger: Carlsberg Plans To Open New Brewery In India


In the face of  20% jump in sales, Carlsberg plans to open a new brewery in India to support the demand.

“India continues to perform strongly and achieved 20 per cent volume growth in spite of the alcohol ban in Bihar. Also here, Tuborg remains an important driver of the growth. We achieved a record high market share in India in Q3 of 19 per cent,” Carlsberg CEO Cees’t Hart said in a call with investors.


A few months ago, Carlsberg was forced to shut down its Bihar plant after the state imposed a liquor prohibition. “India is the most difficult market in the world but you can’t do stuff like that,” Carlsberg India’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Jensen told ET in an interview at that time, referring to Bihar’s imposition of prohibition.

Now, the brand has decided to set up another operational plant elsewhere in India to compensate for the shut down of the Bihar plant.


Carlsberg is India’s third largest beer player in India.