Beer Fuelled Fun At Best Brews At The Four Points By Sheraton, Pune

Mumbaikars who are planning a weekend getaway to Pune (the drive is beautiful at this time of year) and Pune dwellers who are wondering how to make the best of their Saturday nights: we’ve got the perfect party destination for you. A few weeks ago on International Beer Day, the Four Points By Sheraton, Pune held a celebration at Best Brews, a bar cum lounge dedicated to all things good and beer-y.


Best Brews

Best Brews is both a beer program and a beer bar that Four Points by Sheraton has opened at select hotels worldwide. After refreshing ourselves in the hotel’s plush, comfortable rooms and gorging on the sweet snacks they had kindly perched on our beds, we stepped into the Pune Best Brews bar to celebrate International Beer Day in proper style.


We were immediately enveloped with loud beats from popular hits and an anticipatory vibe. As we scanned the room, we drank in a table for beer bong, an extensive display of a range of beers, photos of beer drinkers toasting; all in all, elements which worked together to promise a night of beer fuelled revelry.

The Beerista

To start the evening, Vijayan Gangadharan, the Geenral Manager of the Four Points By Sheraton, Pune said “Kick back and relax with us especially on International Beer Day!” He then went on to introduce us to the Beerista at Four Points by Sheraton, Pune. Much like a barista in a cafe, the in house Beerista, who will be on duty until October 1st, will help customers along their beer journey and champion the hotel’s best brews program, exploring both branded beers and local craft beers.


After being introduced, the Beerista immediately went on to show us how worthy he was of his title by concocting a variety of beer cocktails with a flourish. First, he whipped up a Mexican Michelada Riot 16 which combines beer, lime juice and spices. He then dazzled the crowd by expertly pouring out and shaking up a range of other beer cocktails, like the Belgium Stout Frappe Brew-O-Chino Rio 16, the London Sour Rio 16 and the USA Hangman Rio 16.

The Olympic Angle

Are you sensing a pattern here? Yup, as well as focusing on creating an unparalleled beer experience for its customers, Best Brews is paying tribute to the Olympics with a special menu. Commenting on the focus in his introductory speech, Gangadharan said “The opening of the Rio Olympics coincides with International Beer Day this year and what better way to celebrate it with a Best Brew at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and Serviced Apartments Pune.”


So, as well as beer cocktails which tap into a range of international flavours, and which are named after Rio, the Best Brews Olympic Special Beer Menu also has appetisers like Rio Wings Strokes, Hockey Sticks, Asparagus Stumps and Golf Mushroom Quiches.

Tasting The Talk

Before we dug into the bites, we were pulled (beer magnetism we like to call it) towards the collection of cocktails that the Beerista had made. Out of the many on offer we loved the Mexican Michelada Rio 16 which was tangy and spicy and the Italian Fruity Beer Rio, which was sweet and mild, perfect for the first (or second) time beer drinker. We followed up the cocktails with a bottle of King’s beer, Goa’s finest brew which has thankfully (thankfully) entered Maharashtra.

After polishing off a bottle or three of King’s we realised we were starting to feel a little light headed. So, we weaved through a crowd of beer pong players, sidestepped a group of enthusiastic dancers and reach our table, which was piled high with food

We loved the Riot Wings Strokes; tender chicken wings coated in a sticky beer infused sauce and the Hockey Sticks, which were beer battered fried prawns. By far out favourite appetiser, however, was the Golf Mushroom quiche, which stuffed a creamy, earthy trio of mushrooms into a quiche with a perfectly crumbly, buttery crust.


We then polished of our eating extravaganza with Cheddar Beer Bratwurst, which wrapped salty, crispy bacon around plump pieces of bratwurst.

All in all? The taste certainly lived up to the talk.  If you’re now in the mood for some beer fuelled fun, head over to Best Brews; the Beer Olympics menu is available until the 21st. Until the 21st, Best Brews is also having late night Happy Hours from 11pm to 12 am.