BEER & BANGERS AT THE DELI! Ready for a combo like no other?

BEER & BANGERS AT THE DELI! Ready for a combo like no other at Indigo Deli?

Starting 20th October; get together with the folks and your loved ones or swing by with your crew as the good ol’Deli is set to introduce the all new Beer & Bangers Fest! Selling only as Combos at an affordable priceIndigo Deli is set out to create a menu that steps outside the boundaries of what we expect a typical Bangers Menu to be. Sure, there are the classics, but the kitchen specializes in unexpected and creative dishes that challenge people’s expectations of how a Beer & Banger dish can be served.

Start your day (noon or night!) with mouth-watering dishes that are grilled to perfection such as the Chicken BratwurstChicken Krakauer or the Spiced Chicken. And if you’re a Pork Lover’ like us, fret not!  Treat your heart and soul out to the Pork Weisswurst, or the Pork Bratwurst with Bacon Sausage. And if you’re in the Susegad Mood, opt for the Pork Goan Style Sausage or the sought-after Pork Curlies.

Pairing these piquant offerings isn’t a problem either; as you’re literally spoilt with a choice of sides such as the Potato Bacon Salad, the Gherkin Mash Potato or the toothsome Beer, Bacon & Apple Pudding topped with a healthy dose of cabbage garnish such as Raisin Braised Red Cabbage or the Cumin White Cabbagealong with a choice of sauce. What’s more is that these fantastic dishes are paired with the best-bottled beer in the city. You’re welcome!

Once you have tried them out, there is no looking back, ever again! We mean that quite literally. So, drop by and enjoy a meal with a drink or two, the way the Deli is meant to be experienced.


Other Information:

What: Beer and Banger Festival at Deli! A Combo like no other!

When: All Day, 20th October – 30th October 2018

Where: Indigo Deli – All Outlets


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