Beer And Biryani Party To Be Held This Sunday In Mumbai

Beer And Biryani Party To Be Held This Sunday In Mumbai

Organised by Mumbai Foodie, Beer and Biryani Party will be held at Corona Garden in Bandra, Mumbai on 29th April. The event will have food, beer, games and a lot more in store for the foodies in the city. The entry tickets costs Rs.100 and are available on Insider. This is perhaps the first event of its kind in Mumbai.

Beer And Biryani

Biryani and beer will be the focal point of this event and the popular biryani and kebab joints in Mumbai are participating. The biryanis as reported by LBB will be from various regions like Bohri, Mughlai, Coastal, Chettinad to Kolkata and Afghani. The beer on the other hand is being taken care of by Thirsty Beers and will have five beers on tap like Belgian Wit, Hefeweizen, Stout, Apple Cider and ‘Happy By Thirsty’ lager. There is also plenty of vegetarian fare like Biryanis from Go Biryan, Sindhful, Brothers Biryani and Simmering Pots. In addition there will be drinks like aamras, rooh afza and lemon shikanji besides beer.

With a promise of variety of activities like Biryani Eating Competition, Beer games, stand up gigs and a historian telling the history of biryani to those intrigued about their favouTrite food, this event is all set to begin at noon this Sunday till 10 PM.