Become A Wine Connoisseur At WEAT In Bengaluru

Ever wanted to swirl wine around and notice the taste and the flavour without having to google it? Now, you can at WEAT, Wine Education, Appreciation and Tasting in Bengaluru. Officially recognised by the Karnataka Wine Board, the Wine Workshop will give you the opportunity to learn more about the art of wine making and wine tasting.


The course offered at Enoteca by Madhuloka will take you through several overreaching topics such as alcohol and health, and will further narrow it down to explain different type of wines and the process of enjoying it the right way. You will receive an history lesson on the evolution of wine, taking you back thousands of years to the medieval times. The course will also offer sensory analysis, helping you gain a better understanding on how to taste and enjoy the myriad of flavours.

Attendees of this workshop will also learn more about the wine making process and the different varieties of grapes used in wine production. The course will also take you through the process of wine pairing, so you can get a better idea of how to match wine with your food. 


This course is perfect for all the would be wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts who wish to learn more about wines and its production process. Since the program is officially recognised by the Karnataka Wine Board, attendees will receive a certificate of completion from the board and from Enoteca. 

WEAT will take place on January 17 from 8:30am to 6:00pm at MGR Complex located on Sarjapur Main Road. The cost of entry is Rs. 3600 per person and you can book your tickets through Bookmyshow.