This Beauty & The Beast Themed Afternoon Tea Cafe In London Is Absolutely Adorable

Beauty & The Beast is one of those animated Disney movies that have meant a lot to everyone around the world, with the music, the talking and singing and dancing kitchen utensils and everything else with it. It’s a magical experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Well, now you can if you’re willing to travel all the way to London!

In celebration of the release of the live-action movie starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, in the lead roles, the Town House Cafe at Kensington Hotel has a limited time experience that they’ve aptly titled “Tale As Old As Time”. For die hard fans of the original movie, this is definitely the experience you’ve been waiting for.

Decked out with the characters from the movies, including Mrs. Potts and Chip silverware, this is the best place to go if you’re looking for a little escape from life. Their afternoon tea is sprinkled with everything reminiscent of the movie, from the food to the names of the dishes. On the menu, they’ve got Vanilla & Gold Jelly, “Try The Grey Stuff” which is a white chocolate mousse and so many other delicious things.


All these food items are served with a selection of rare teas, and it costs about £35 per person. But if you want to make it a little fancier, you can enjoy the same menu at £45 with a glass of Champagne instead.

Just in case you were thinking about making a booking soon after you read this article, we’ve got some bad news – they’re fully booked up till November 30th, 2017! Originally the menu was only going to be available from 13th to 26th February as is the case with regular pop-ups, but due to public demand, they’ve extended it from 1st March till 30th November. Whether they continue to serve this menu after that is still to be seen. But till then, you can enjoy these adorable and delicious pictures.