Be A Part Of The Greater Good This Diwali With Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Be A Part Of The Greater Good This Diwali With Grand Hyatt Mumbai

How would it sound if your Diwali shopping could make someone’s life better or even light up their homes with joy during this auspicious season? It’ll feel good right? To make this feat come true, Grand Hyatt Mumbai has tied up with Udaan Mahila Utpadak Gat, a part of NGO FPDI (Foundation for Population and Development in India). The group will be supplying an assortment of Diwali goodies which will be included in the special Diwali hampers being sold by the Gourmet Store at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai. So all you need to do is grab these hampers for yourself and for gifting your loved ones and you get to be the part of the greater good. Amazing right?

Diwali Hampers By Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Now for the exciting part, the hampers are a mix of retail and handcrafted homemade products and you can take the one that suits your needs the best. The hampers contain an assortment of signature handmade Gourmet Store goodies, traditional Diwali sweets, homemade cookies, artisan retail products like crackers, honey, healthy diet jam. You’d also be delighted to know that the healthy cookies included in these hampers come from Happy Roots which is an ethical food chain that works towards empowering farmers and rural women in Maharashtra. With a purpose “to care for the people so they can be their best”, Grand Hyatt Mumbai has taken a step forward to bring progress and welfare to society.

“Our vision is “A world of understanding and care”. Grand Hyatt Mumbai as a brand believes in offering the Hyatt touch,” says Mr. Roger Marti, Director of Food and Beverage, Grand Hyatt Mumbai while talking about their association with NGOs. Partnering with noble organizations enables us to empower the lives of underprivileged and adds to our contribution to the society. The association with Udaan and Happy Roots have been a great opportunity for us to reach out to the local community and bring joy to many faces. The response we have received from our patrons and guests is overwhelming, they are very appreciative of the idea behind our Diwali hamper and happy to support this cause especially during this festive season.”

The NGOs too are delighted with this association and Smita Jagtap, Production Manager at Udaan says that “It is an honour to be associated with Grand Hyatt Mumbai and have our products be a part of their Diwali hamper. This platform has given our members a great opportunity to showcase their skill and believe in their ability to persevere in their endeavours. Grand Hyatt Mumbai always extends their willingness to partner with us and present the hidden talent.” So don’t wait and buy your Diwali hampers from the Gourmet Store at Grand Hyatt Mumbai and don’t miss this chance to touch lives this festive season.