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Baskin Robbins India Jumps On The #ScienceFoods Bandwagon On Twitter


If you’ve been on Twitter today, you may have noticed that #ScienceFoods is currently trending. And, taking advantage of the trend is one of our favourite ice cream brands; Baskin Robbins. Before we get into what they’re doing around the trend here’s little bit of background about –


We think the trend can be traced back to @midnight, a Comedy central game show hosted by Chris Harwick. The game show includes one game – Hashtag Wars where panellists have to come up with contributions using a given hashtag theme. The Twitterati are also encouraged to make their own phrase with the hashtag and get the chance to have it featured on the show’s next episode.

The #ScienceFoods hashtag, therefore, was the hashtag of choice for the most recent show. Here’s a look at the panellists’ contributions:

So, the #ScienceFoods trends can be attributed to @Midnight. Interestingly, it’s been receiving 8470 tweets per hour according to Buzz Trends. And, this is the first time this particular hashtag has trended on Twitter. But, what’s Baskin Robbins got to do with it? Here you go:

Baskin Robbins and #ScienceFoods

Jumping on the #ScienceFoods trend, Baskin Robbins India is asking its followers a science based question about ice cream; how does it benefit the eater?

Stumped for answers? We’ll let you in on a little secret – we think they answered their own question in an earlier tweet:

Do you have a different answer? Tweet back to them and let us know as well; we’re always looking for more excuses to eat ice cream!