Bask In A Beautiful And Delicious Afterglow at Cafe Inxs in Bangalore

When we heard about a new cafe in Sadashivnagar called Cafe Inxs, our first thought was ‘like the band?’. You have to admit the name Inxs with its unique spelling has a number of underlying meanings and had the added ability of sounding super cool. Obviously, we were interested in checking out this European-style cafe with the cool name. 

The Space: 

Cafe Inxs boasts of classy and elegant interiors with beautiful red high back chairs and glass tables. The walls are also painted completely white giving the entire cafe a contrasted, sheek and stylish look. The cafe was inaugurated by the famous actress Mrs. Sridevi and the menu includes her favourite dish. 


The Menu: 

Cafe Inxs is the brainchild of Dr Kirti Patel, who vision is to ensure that the cafe provides delicious and healthy food to its customers made from the freshest produce. Cafe Inxs chef Rajendar Singh who has been in the industry for 17 years has carefully curated a menu aimed at both foodies and the health-conscious food lovers as well. 


We ordered the Chicken A La Cube, Inxs Mexican Chilly Cheese Toast for starters, while the main course was Grilled Fish Chilli Garlic Rub and Grilled Chicken Mushroom sauce. 

The Food: 

Amouse Bouche 

We love amouse bouche and at Cafe Inxs it was sliced pieces of carrots and cucumbers served with a mayonaise mixed with a combination of hot sauces. The mayonaise was let’s say, was out of this world. 


Chicken A La Cube 

The chicken was juicy and tender topped with a beautiful red sauce that was both spicy and tangy. We couldn’t get enough of it. 


Mexican Chilli Cheese Toast 

Oh mon dieu, the cheese with a combination of mexican herbs and chillis on small little pieces of toast was perfection in every sense of the toast and boosted our love for cheese just a little bit more. 


Grilled Fish Chilli Garlic Rub 

The basa fish was marinated in a mild chili and garlic with European herbs which brought a flavor in every bite. The fish was perfectly cooked and was melt-in-your-mouth delicious. 


Grilled Chicken Mushroom Sauce 

We love anything with Mushroom sauce on it, but this dish made us fall in love all over again, head over heels, butterflies in our tummy kind of love. The chicken pieces were marinated in herbs and spices and tenderly cooked. 


The Drink:


We had a healthy carrot and ginger juice which took away the tinge of guilt we were feeling for all that gluttony. 

Our visit to Cafe Inxs was one of delicious food and healthy drinks and we recommend the cafe for anyone with a love of food!