The Barking Deer Takes A Step Forward By Collaborating With Thirsty

The Barking Deer Takes A Step Forward By Collaborating With Thirsty

It’s all festive with a chandelier made of yellow beer cans and ribbons at The Barking Deer according to the reports by Midday. A pop-up has begun marking and celebrating the collaboration between The Barking Deer in Mumbai and the Delhi-based Thirsty

The Collaboration

The Barking Deer serves beer brewed in Bosnia. However, the intention was to also have beer on tap in India too and that’s when Thirsty took over The Barking Deer. “Our beer is manufactured in far-off Bosnia for better quality, and is imported to India. But we also wanted to brew in India, and thus tied up with The Barking Deer, which will be making a few of our beers as well,” Vir Kotak, Thirsty’s owner told Midday.

The Super Happy Pop-Up

The restaurant has begun its three-month long festival called The Super Happy Pop-Up wherein they’ve included the beer, Happy from Thirsty. “Happy is a straightforward, easy-going, fresh-tasting pilsner lager. It’s crisp, easy to approach, and you can drink it with friends. Brewing it takes a month, which is pretty typical for lagers,” says Gregory Kroitzsh, The Barking Deer’s founder to Midday.

He adds, “The German word to store is lager. Let it rest, and age a little bit — that’s what a lager typically needs to do.” There are three beers which are specially made available at the brewery for this festival – Fest Marzen, Happy Kolsche, a German style Hefeweisen, and Gose, a wheat beer with a salty tartness.

What To Expect

Customers can expect a revamped menu along with the beer on tap. The menu changes includes a Beer Fondue which will be served with bread, broccoli, mushrooms, apples, potatoes and baby corn. The cheese and the garlic will of course be soaked in beer. One can also order their Whoppin’ Poppers that are made with Bhavnagri chillies stuffed with paneer and chilli flakes.

They also have Fish of Fury available which is a steamed fillet with barbeque sauce and grilled vegetables on the side. There is also a special tiramisu on the festival menu.


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