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Barcelos Creates A Whole New Black Market For Burgers In India


SA-based fast-food chain Barcelos on Wednesday launched black burgers in the capital. The dark snack created waves in Japan last year, where fast-food big daddies Burger King and McDonald’s fought for burgers that featured black buns, black cheese, black sauce and black pepper beef buns. 

Burger King first introduced black burgers in Japan in 2012 for a limited time. The company reintroduced it again in 2013 before launching its Kuro (which means black in Japanese) range last year. Bangalore-based brand expert Harish Bijoor said it’s a ploy to break monotony.

While Burger King launched its Black Kuro Burger darkened with bamboo charcoal, rival McDonald’s went a step further and launched its version coloured with squid ink. On the other hand, Barcelos, which runs just one store in India at present, used red, yellow and blue food colors in appropriate proportions to create its own variant. The Black Burger, at first, looks mistakenly charred and to some extent unappetizing as well. But once you bite into this dusky beauty, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice.
So does this noir eatable work for you? 

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