At BAR BAR The More You Drink The Less You Pay!

No, the title isn’t click-bait (I checked) but is 100 percent legit! You must be wondering what sorcery this is, but the fact of the matter is, at BAR BAR, they just want their patrons happy (and tipsy). The brilliant minds at Bellona Hospitality who brought us Shizusan Shophouse & Bar have somehow exceeded all of our expectations and come out with another smashing success.

The first thing you notice is the door, which I can only describe as a metal work of art, gadgets and mosaic combined, and sets the tone for the brilliant ambience. A steel freight container wall isn’t the only awesome thing you can look forward to seeing. At the bar, the liquor is stored in metal cages and the stage right opposite along with catchy neon signs add to the vibe of a grunge neighbourhood pub in the 80’s.

At BAR BAR, their tagline is ‘More of you. Less of the bill’ and they even help you get the most out of your savings! They’ve developed an ingenious app, exclusively for Bengaluru, that lets you know just how much you’re saving on each order. If you and your friends play your cards right, you could get a drink for as cheap as Rs. 99!

BAR BAR also has some super awesome Bartender’s Bottles, which is a 750ml cocktail with a bar snack meant for 3 (or, ahem, just one, if you know what I mean). My personal favourite is the Fruit Loops Cocktail, I’m telling you, Tequila never tasted so good (also, they come with a gummy fruit)!

The fare is standard pub grub, elevated by the maestro himself – Chef Paul Kinny. The Mac and Cheese Burger is an absolute must try, and the platters make for a scrumptious (and economic) op for a drinking sesh. I recommend the Seafood or the Oink Oink Platter, the barbeque on those ribs sent me straight to heaven.

BAR BAR actually has a live BBQ pit. So, if you’re a carnivore, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the Sirloin – the tastiest cut of beef cooked to absolute perfection (meat coma, here I come). If beef ain’t your thing and you’d rather have a pizza, then you’re in for a treat. Never before have I come across such a perfectly seasoned pizza that I discarded my (usually liberally applied) condiments.

While the grub might burn a bit of a hole in your pocket, it’s definitely worth it! Also, you’ll have all those savings from using the E-Savings Calculator! So gather the gang and head out to BAR BAR for a night (or day, I don’t judge) of cheap drinking, mouth-watering food, live music, and most importantly, savings! You can thank me later!