Bangalore, Stop What You’re Doing Because Taco Bell Does Alcoholic Beverages Now!

We’ve all been at that point after a crazy night where we just crave some calorie filled junk food. We go to Empire if we must, but when I was younger, Taco Bell was a great option. Those hard shell tacos were where it was at. However, in a shocking move, Taco Bell has managed to get even better. I know you’re all thinking, how is even that possible? (for chrissakes, they have refillable soft drinks!)

On the last day of March Taco Bell proudly opened in Phoenix Market City Bangalore, boasting of free tacos and Pepsi for a year for the first twenty customers. However, what they neglected to tell us, was that they also serve beer on tap! Honestly, beer and tacos are literally the best combinations in the world! How has no one ever thought up this before? This is such a stroke of pure genius that I am in serious awe!

Bangalore, Stop What You're Doing Because Taco Bell Does Alcoholic Beverages Now!

Your shopping trips just got a whole lot boozier (also, it’s a great way to stash your boyfriend, parent, sibling while you continue the shopping, just make sure they don’t eat too much hot sauce!). And don’t even get me started on your long lunches!

Beer haters (we know you exist somewhere!), there are also options for you! You can avail of the very Mexican (and highly unrecommended for an afternoon trip) tequila shots, along with Watermelon and Lime ‘N’ Mint freezes, which you can spike with rum, vodka or tequila.

So, on your next shopping trip to Phoenix Market City, you know where to head to make every lunch an ‘ahem’ happy one!