Bangalore Based Organic Venture, Lumiere, Raises Funding

India seems to be jumping on board the organic food movement. Last year, Sikkim announced that it was taking steps to become the country’s first organic state, while countless restaurants across India have begun maintaining organic plots and serving fresh, organic fare. Most recently, a Bangalore based venture, Lumiere has raised funding from 20 unnamed investors.

The funding, the amount of which remains unannounced, was received after a Series A funding round.

The Organic Revolution

Started over 14 years ago, the venture operates on a ‘seed to table’ concept.  It maintains plots of organic farms that grow vegetables, fruits and other provisions. These products are used to cook dishes in their Bangalore based organic restaurant and supply provisions to their two organic stores.


Lumiere also has an online store with a range of products including fruits and vegetables, dairy, free range poultry and organic beauty products. Similarly, it sells organic baked goods such as cookies, whole wheat breads, cakes and muffins.

The organisation also invites customers to their farms, in the outskirts of Bangalore to better understand the process by which they cultivate crops.


A Green Future

According to VCC Circle, the company plans to use the raised funds to gain more land, for marketing, improving its E-shopping option as well as to open up more stores and restaurants.


While Bangalore is a ripe market for organic ventures, thanks to the health conscious lifestyles of many of its inhabitants, we hope to see Lumiere expand its presence into other Indian cities soon.