Banana Leaf Fish Fry a.k.a Meen Pollichathu

The cuisine of Kerala is widely popular for its seafood dishes, which is no wonder, thanks to that super long coastline and a thriving fishing network all through the state. Meen Pollichathu or Banana Leaf Fish Fry is an authentic Kerala recipe that involves frying or baking the fish inside a pouch made of banana leaf. This dish is super easy to put together and the luscious tanginess of the spice mix gives the fish so much flavor and aroma. The fish comes out tender and borrows flavors from the banana leaf, giving it an interesting taste. We’ve made this dish with Wellgo Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, one of the best varieties and great for this recipe. Try this for a great accompaniment to your lunch or dinner, we’re sure it will please every fish-lover out there.