Ban On Import Of Rapeseed Meal From India Lifted By China

Ban On Import Of Rapeseed Meal From India Lifted By China

China has decided to lift the ban on import of the rapeseed meal from India reports the F&B News. The update came when the General Administration of Customs of China posted a statement on their website that the shipments of the meal could resume. However, the rapeseed meal need to meet the criteria for inspection and quarantine. The import was banned in 2012 after malachite green contamination found in the rapeseed meal.

Rapeseed Meal Import

“This can be a good development which the industry was wanting from long time,” said Dr B V Mehta, executive director, The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India to the F&B News. “Even though the Chinese authorities have dropped the ban, the exports have not yet started. It may take a month or two for the exports to begin as the exporters need to register with Ministry of Agriculture, China, and it is a lengthy process. Before the export starts these plants need to upgrade to ISO 22000 standards and get the approval by Chinese authorities. Later, official from China will visit the plant, give consent and then only the export will start.”

The report also says that India has a surplus in rapeseed meal and can supply half a million tonne of it to China annually. The Indian rapeseed is also deemed cheaper than that produced in Canada by $30-40 each tonne. The only thing is the inspection in the way of the Indo-China trade that includes a check on the seed quality.  “The Chinese authority AQSIQ (now GACC) has approved five units meeting their quality requirement. They need to register with Chinese Ministry of Agriculture for exporting rapeseed meal from India,” Mehta told F&B News.