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When Bakeman met Wonder Woman


A hard-core Christopher Nolan fan has taken social media by storm. Her traditional minion cakes go before her, and you’ll see why! We heard her story with a heavenly slice of The Dark Knight’s Chocolate Cake. Meet Karthika Sravanthi of Bakeman Begins

“I worked as an engineer in Bangalore for around a year. I came to Chennai on the weekends. While I was here I went for a baking class and that got me a little curious. I started baking a little more and found a tiny spark. Going only by gut, I told my father I wanted to quit my job. Like all traditional fathers, he thought I was a little insane and tried to talk me through it. When I persisted, he gave in and the next thing I knew, I was on my way to Le Cordon Bleu in London! I finished my course on French Pastries and got back to join ITC for another 8 months. I am a Christopher Nolan fan, so I named my business after the Dark Knight and Bakeman was born. I tried working with ITC and Bakeman Begins at the same time and found that it was just not workable. I quit my job and started to work from home. 

“In the next few weeks I should be able to open a workshop, studio cum bakery equipment store a few streets away from my house. I’d like to be able to teach beginners and kids how to bake. The store is a franchise I’ve taken from a client in Bombay.

” My favourite cake is of course, The Dark Knight’s Chocolate cake.” 


To every woman out there, she’d like to say, 

“At every stage of my life, my parents were supportive. I had to go all the way to a new city and study. That’s a little scary for a girl like me. In an all-male kitchen at ITC, I managed to brave it out. The Executive Chef there made sure I was okay. I’m looking forward to more fun moments in my new studio. All I’ll say is, follow your heart, work hard and stay humble. ” 

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