Bake Like A Pro With Pastry Cooking Class In Bengaluru

Start the new year on the right foot with some baking lessons from Chef Cyril Nicolai, Executive Bakery and Pastry Chef of Cafe Noir Restaurant on January 13. The pastry cooking class is part of a monthly series of cooking sessions by chefs from Cafe Noir promoting different ways to become the masterchef in your own kitchen.  

The pastry cooking class will feature lessons to improve your skills in the art of patisserie. Chef Cyril will demonstrate the preparation process of different mouth watering dishes sure to tempt your sweet tooth. The cooking class will comprise of preparations of pastry choux and different fillings, including Mousseline and Creme Patissiere. Chef Cyril will also demonstrate how to prepare the traditional Amandine Tart, an almond tart dow with fillings and decoration. 


The pastry cooking class is part of series of cooking workshops conducted by the chefs from Cafe Noir. A cooking with eggs workshop will be conducted by Chef Alexandre Seince in February, demonstrating several techniques to cook that perfect egg, including recipes and method to cook poached egg, croque madam and oeuf a la coque. 

The pastry cooking lesson will take place at Allaince Francaise on January 13th from 1pm to 3:30pm. The cost of entry is Rs. 500 for Alliance Francaise students and Rs. 1000 for general participants.