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Baileys Has A Solution for Vegans Everywhere!


And those poor souls that are lactose intolerant.

Baileys Almande is the latest offering from the brand that has made Baileys Original Irish Cream everybody’s favourite drink ever. And now they’re catering to those living a dairy-free lifestyle as well.

This plant-based alternative substitutes the cream found in traditional Baileys for almond milk – which is made from almond oil, almond essence, sugar, water and vanilla. Not a single dairy product in sight.

In conversation with My Vegan Journal, a Baileys representative explained why they’re using almond milk – “due to the shift towards plant-based foods. It’s what folks are asking for” and because Baileys wants to “get with the times”.

And not only does it not contain dairy, it’s also gluten free, making it the perfect guilt-free drink for a night out with the girls.